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About MBA Department

In order to meet the wide ranging, challenging and growing demands for professional Managers, in the recent times, from both the developing and the developed Nations, the Department of “Management Studies” was established in the College, as an exclusive Department and as a separate entity.
The Objective of the Institution is to provide “Management Education” and promote the growth of effective and efficient “Business Managers” through adherence of the highest Standards of Academic Integrity and overall Ethical Conduct, to develop a sense of Individual Responsibility and to collectively participate in reinforcing and maintaining an environment of honour, trust and standards.
The Department strives to develop long term relationships with industries and market the Students Talents effectively; the students are thus provided high level leads and career pathways that enable them to gain access to a broad range of high potential MBA Career Opportunities.
Even though the Department is very young; it has made a name for itself, among the top few colleges, at the university level, through its performance in the examinations and in placement.


To Emerge as an Esteemed and Exemplar Institute for Management Education.


To Develop Globally Competent Executives, Leaders and Entrepreneurs through Quality Pedagogy and Campus-to-Corporate Philosophy.
To Evolve as an Acme in the field of Interdisciplinary Management Research and Practice

Program Educational Objectives:

To understand the legal and regulatory framework for doing business.

To administer a critical perspective on interdisciplinary knowledge and practical approach to various functional areas of management.

To demonstrate the ability to maintain knowledge of emerging Management Practices, Technologies for the strategic business decisions.

Foster value driven leadership style to set the tone for empowering work environment and cohesive organizational structure.

To inculcate the Entrepreneurial spirit, Creativity and Innovation among students.

To prepare students for diverse career paths with encouragement to inquisitiveness, inclusiveness and active participation needed for a successful career.

To bring out industry-ready management graduates having Personal & Institutional, Ethical and social responsibility.

To advocate practice-oriented research to reduce uncertainty based on organizational and market needs.

To advocate practice-oriented research to reduce uncertainty based on organizational and market needs.

MBA students are taught with various aspects of the managerial studies, which make them perfect in the entire management sectors. Due to the detailed education provided, the graduates are enriched with excellent program outcomes, which define their future in a good way. The MBA graduates can:

Program Outcomes:

Use the managerial skills in dealing with different kinds of situations, and lead the company with aplomb.

Understand various conditions, introspect the situations and act accordingly.

Recognize any issues in the business, and formulate appropriate solutions, to overcome the problems and run the company smoothly

Think and implement strategically, by analyzing and integrating various resources effectively.

Use creative and innovative practices in the business, to make them sustain and prosper in the market.

Understand the world-class business techniques and tricks, and use them for the company to make it reach new heights.

Assess the impact of various conditions and factors on the businesses, and take the right steps to make the company flourish.

Lead the teams, as well as work in the teams effectively, which determine the success of every business.

Speak with the colleagues, management and clients with ease, and also elude exceptional writing skills.

Program specific outcomes:

PSO1 To imbibe the students with requisite domain knowledge, skills & right attitude necessary to provide effective leadership in a global environment.
PSO2 To develop competent management professionals with strong ethical values, capable of assuming a pivotal role in various sectors of the Indian Economy &Society.
PSO3 To inculcate proactive thinking to ensure effective performance in the dynamic socioeconomic and business ecosystem.
PSO4 To harness entrepreneurial approach and skill sets aligned with the national priorities.