Conceptual  teaching  along  with  Research  and  Development makes   the Institute  unique  and  provides  an  opportunity  to  produce competent and employable engineers with a broader outlook. VBIT has been following this novel model and exposing the students to the current technological and industrial trends.

Research activities in different fields are guided by the experts from Academic, Industry, and Research Institutions. Talks by such experts are also being arranged by respective Departments. The output from these developments is that, the in-house student projects are guided by the faculty, researchers and experts from industry. The faculty members are also trained in the current technological and research trends.

In  this  sojourn, VBIT  is  able  to  realize  the  environmental  improvement in a phased manner for the establishment of a  Research and Development Center. 

Research & Development cell is forging ahead with a few more project proposals submitted to various agencies like DST, DBT and MOES for independent funding.

Research and Development Committee

The institution has a College Research Committee to monitor and address the issues of research. Following are the members of College Research Committee.
1Mr. Dr. P. V. RaoProfessor, Dept. of ECEMember
2Mr. Dr. K. Sreenivasa RaoProfessor. Dept. of ITMember
3Mr. Dr. V. JaganAssoc. Professor. Dept. of EEEMember
4Mr. Dr. P. Prashant BaksheAssoc. Professor. Dept. of MEMember
5Mr. Dr. J. Kalyana RamaAssoc. Professor. Dept. of CEMember
6Ms. Dr. I. Lakshmi PrasannaAssoc. Professor. Dept. of H&SMember
7Mr. Dr. D. RaviAssoc. Professor. Dept. of H&SMember
8Ms. Dr. V. DeepikaAssoc. Professor. Dept. of CSEMember
9Mr. T. V. ChandrashekarAsst. Professor. Dept. of ECEMember Secretary