Synthetic Aperture Radar Image Speckle Noise Minimization and 3D Modelling

Basic Concepts of Electrial Engineering by Dr. P Subramaniam ( Hod, EEE)

Dr. Raju Dara, Subhadra Perumalla, Rajesh Saturi and Dasari Kiran Kumar

Basics Concepts of EEE-P.S.SUBRAMANYAM

Mathematical Methods by Dr. P Subramaniam

Sustainable Development By Prof.G.Ram Prasad

Power System Operation and Control by Dr. A Srinivasula Reddy

Principles of Electromagnetic Theory by Dr. A Srinivasula Reddy

Probability, Statistics & Random Processes by P.Kousalya

Souvenir By Prof.G.Ram Prasad

Wise Saying by B Madhura

Winning Interview by B Madhura

Probabllity Theory and Random Process by Kotta Swamy Merugu

Numerical Methods with `C` Programs by Dr. P Subramaniam

In Silico studies of Charge Transfer Complexes of Bio Active molecules by Dr.K.Shirish Kumar