S.No.Name of the FacultyTopicDate of presentation
1Dr. G.Amarendar Rao Research Methodology27th September, 2019
2Dr. J.Kalyana Rama Research Etiquettes27th September, 2019
3Dr. G.Sree Lakshmi DeviReview on Blended Concretes1st February, 2020
4Dr. Y.Poorna LakshmiTunable Waveguide bragg grating Filter based Optical MEMS old for DWDM network3rd May, 2020
S.NOName of the facultyTopicDate of presentation
1Dr. G. N. MadhaviGlobal Temperature morphology and planetary wave characterization using different satellites data sets14th July,2018
2Mr. M.D. YousufRF Hazards & Solutions14th July,2018
3Dr. RajasekaranInvestigation on speed control techniques for multi motor drive 28th July,2018
4Mr. Poornachandra RaoFloating Windmills 28th July,2018
5 Dr. K. Sirish KumarSynthesis spectrophotometric studies and spectral characterization of CT-Complexes of Bio-active molecules with Iodine11th August, 2018
6Mr.T.V. Chandra ShekarSilk based Bio-active wound dressing and skin grafting 11th August, 2018
7Dr. Nirvikar DashoraFundamentals of GPS/GNSS Satellites and their applications. 24th August, 2018
1Presentation by Dr. B. Chandra Sekar (Assoc. Prof,H&S) on ” Finite Element analysis of MHD boundary layer fix, and heat transfer characteristics of Nano fluids”26th August 2017
2 Presentation by Mr. R. Venkateswara Rao (Asst.Prof, ME) on “Current Trends in Joining of Light Weight Metals”25th November 2017
3 Presentation by Dr. DebashishNathon “Paris Agreement a key to combat extrme change over Asian Monsoon region”.1st February 2018
4Presentation by Dr. ReshmitaNath “Impact of extreme climate events over Indo-Gangetic plain, India”1st February 2018
S.No.Presentation DetailsDate
1 Presentation by Dr.K. Neelima (Professor& HOD, EEE Department) on “Intelligent minimal allocation of capacitors for compensation in Radial Distribution Systems”29th July, 2016
2 Presentation by Mr. B. Anil Kumar (Assistant Professor, ECE Department) on “Review of Advanced Mobile Communications”27th Aug, 2016
3Presentation by Mr. P. Praveen Kumar (Assistant Professor, ECE Department) and Mr. Y. Ajay Kumar (Assistant Professor, ECE Department) on “ARM Programming”27th Aug, 2016
4Presentation by Dr. B. Brahma Reddy (Professor& HOD, ECE Department) on “Wireless Sensor Networks” 1st Oct, 2016
5Presentation by Mr.S.Kiran Babu (Associate Professor, ECE Department) on “Implementation of 32-BIT Barrel Shifter Using Verilog”4th Nov, 2016
6Presentation by Dr.C.R.N.Sarma(Professor and Director of student affairs) on “IEEE Standards in Internet of Things” 4th Nov, 2016
7 Presentation by Mr.P.Vinay Kumar (Research Scholar) on “Impact of Cyclone Nilam on Tropical lower Atmospheric Dynamics”26th Nov, 2016
8Presentation by Ms.D.Lakshmi Lavanya (Assistant Professor, Civil Department) on “Comparison of Compressive and split Tensile Strength of GlassFiber Reinforced Concrete” 26th Nov, 2016
9Presentation by Dr.T.G.Raja Swamy (Professor & HOD, MechDepartment) on “Introduction to Tribology” 28th Jan, 2016
10Presentation by Mr.V.Madhukar (Assistant Professor, H&S Department) on “Mathematical Modelling” 4th Mar,2017
11Presentation by Dr.K.Ajay Kumar (Associate Professor, MBA) on “Trade Unionism in APSRTC- A Case Study” 4th Mar, 2017
12 Presentation by Dr. Ch. S. L. N. Sridhar (Professor & HOD, H&S Department) on his Ph.D. thesis titled “Structural magnetic and electrical field response studies on Antimony and Niobium doped Nano crystalline manganese zinc ferrites”31st Mar, 2017
13Presentation by Dr.K.V.Dharmendra (Associate Professor, H&S Department) on “Monitoring and Assessment of Road Traffic noise in Urban and Industrial Area”28th April, 2017
S.No.Presentation DetailsDate
1Presentation on “Why are we rejected” by Mr.K.Ramesh Babu (Associate Professor, MBA Dept.) 25/07/2015
2Presentation on “Climate Change Impacts” by Dr.B.Bapi Raju (Professor, H&S Dept.) 27/08/2015
3Presentation on “Effect of stacking sequence on bending stiffness with respect to 600 angle ply” by Ms.Reeti Mukherjee (Assistant Professor, Mechanical Dept.) 29/10/2015
4Presentation on “Ozone and Climate: Study of Ozone in the Troposphere and Stratosphere” by Mr.P.Vinay Kumar (R&D Scholar) 28/11/2015
5Presentation on “GNSS: Signal, Antenna and Science” by Dr. NirvikarDashora (Scientist E, National Atmospheric Research Laboratory, Department of Space, Tirupati) 08/12/2015
6Presentation on “Gender Sensitization towards a world of equals” by Mrs. A.Ashwini (Associate Professor, H&S Dept. 29/01/2016
S.NOPresentation DetailsDATE
1Presentation on “Talent Management” by K.Ajay Kumar (Associate Professor, MBA Dept.) 29/03/2014
2Presentation on “Cloud Computing” by Mrs.K.Shirisha Reddy (Associate Professor, CSE Dept.) 26/07/2014
3Presentation on “Recent Scientific events and their effects on weather” by Dr.GopaDutta (Director, R&D Center) 26/07/2014
4Presentation on “Teaching & Learning using Technologies” by Mr.E.Prasad (Assistant Professor, H&S Dept.) 25/10/2014
5Presentation on “Secure Dynamic Rooting framework in Wireless Sensor Network” by Mrs.Kalpana (Assistant Professor, CSE Dept) 29/11/2014
6Presentation on “Nanometer Scale Solid State Devices” by Dr.C.R.NSarma, Director of Student Affairs 29/11/2014
7Presentation on “Knowledge Management” by K.Ajay Kumar (Associate Professor, MBA Dept) 31/01/2015
8Presentation on “Electricity generation from Municipal Solid Waste” by G.Poornachandra Rao (Asst.prof, EEE Dept) 31/01/2015
9Presentation by students of IV ECE-B 27/03/2015
10Presentation by students of IV EEE 27/03/2015
11Presentation by Mr.Shirish Kumar (Associate Professor, H&S) on “Role of Antioxidants” 25/04/15
S.No.Presentation details
1Presentation on “Application of experimental design in Engineering Research” by Dr. J. S. N. Murthy
2Presentation by Dr.K.Rama Koteswara Rao ( Associate Prof, H&S Dept)
3Presentation by Dr.R.Ethiraj
4Presentation by Dr.C.R.N Sarma, Director of Academics on “Boson–The God Particle”
5Presentation by Dr.Som Kumar Sharma( Reader ,Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad) on “Lidar & Radar as atmospheric thermometer”
6Presentation by Mr.Y.Srinivas (Assoc.Prof,ECE Dept) on “Reconfigurable Antenna’s” Presentation by MD.Shahid Khan ( Student, B.Tech III/IV CSE-B)
7Presentation by Dr.C.R.N Sarma, Director of Academics on “Quantum Hall Effect”
8Presentation by Dr.C.R.N Sarma, Director of Academics on “Research Methodology”.
9 Presentation by Mr. G.Ramesh Babu, Scientist (Institute for Plasma Research, Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat) on “Plasma Technology”
10Presentation by Dr.D.Pallam Raju, Chairman (Space and Atmospheric Science Division, Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad) on “Space weather”.