What is EpsilonPi

EpsilonPi, is the first forum in VBIT that majorly focuses on Machine Learning, Data Science, and Deep Learning.
With immense help from Dr. Jayant Kulkarni, Director of IQAC and management along with the strong support of our faculty coordinator, Mr. Praveen Kumar Padigela, Assistant Professor | CSE, EpsilonPi was launched officially on 10th April 2021.
EpsilonPi believes in meeting the unmet and unarticulated needs of every student in VBIT and strongly focuses on inculcating a product-mindset.

Area of Function

  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Research

Co-Founding Team

  • Mythri Shivakumar
  • Ajay Vardhan Reddy
  • Viswanath Akhil


Faculty Mentor:Mr. Praveen Kumar Padigela, Assistant Professor| CSE

Core Team

  • Aaris Khan, Executive Mentor
  • Teja Kadiyala, Design Lead
  • Mrudula, Documentation Lead
  • Rahul Alladi, Mentor
  • Akhil Salla, Mentor
  • Niharika Shilamamidi, Mentor

Major Activities and Events

  • Python for Machine Learning and Data Science Bootcamp
  • EpsilonPi Official Hackathon
  • Machine Learning Bootcamp
  • Open-Source Fellowships
  • Research ( Every year the core team sets a tone for the areas of research, this year i.e 2021 the team has decided to focus on Natural Language Processing and Image )