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IEEE Student Branch of VBIT

About IEEE

The IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.,), a non-profit organization, is the world’s leading professional association for the advancement of technology.

Who the IEEE Serves

Through its global membership, the IEEE is a leading authority on areas ranging from aerospace systems, computers and telecommunications to biomedical engineering, electric power and consumer electronics among others.

Members rely on the IEEE as a source of technical and professional information, resources and services.

To foster an interest in the engineering profession, the IEEE also serves student members in colleges and universities around the world

Other important constituencies include prospective members and organizations that purchase IEEE products and participate in conferences or other IEEE programs.

The IEEE student branch at VBIT, under IEEE Hyderabad section was inaugurated in December 2006 with a membership of 67 students, two faculty advisors and branch counselor. The branch has been assigned a branch code STB 65451 and school code 45893584.

Executive Committee Members:

YearBranch CounselorBranch AdvisorChairmanVice-ChairmanSecretaryTreasurer
2018Mr.M.Venkateswara Rao,Associate Professor & HoD
Dept. of IT
WIE-K.Sirisha Reddy
COMSOC-M.Praveen kumar
P.Rashmitha Varma
S.Vishnu vardhan
I.Hari Haran Reddy
2017Mr.M.Venkateswara Rao,
Associate Professor,
Dept. of IT

WIE-K.Sirisha Reddy
COMSOC-M.Praveen kumar



Poorna chander
2016Mr.M.Venkateswara Rao,
Associate Professor,
Dept. of IT
WIE-K.Sirisha Reddy
COMSOC-M.Praveen kumar
S.Yashwanth (CSE)D.Shubham
G.Govardhan (EEE)
2015Mr.M.Venkateswara Rao,
Associate Professor,
Dept. of IT
WIE-K.Sirisha Reddy
COMSOC-M.Praveen kumar
Baba Sai
Mrudul Abhinav (ME)Bill Stephen (ME)Vikram (EEE)
 2014 Ch. Suneetha(ECE) M.Praveen Kumar(ECE), M. Venkateswara Rao(CSE/IT),Jiteendar(EEE), N Yamini Devi(WIE) B.Srujan(ECE) K. Anupriya(CSE) Sharan(EEE)ChandraMohan(EEE)
2013Ch.Suneetha           (ECE)Katta Swamy(ECE), K Sreekanth(CSE/IT), K S Mani(EEE)M. Mounika (EEE)R. Gnanedra (EEE)Ch. Srinivas(ECE)V. Hemanath (EEE)
2012C.R.N.Sarma (H&S)Ch. Suneetha (ECE) Sarweswar Reddy (EEE) K.Sreekanth (CSE/IT)Sikta Suchismita (EEE)Aditya Rayarapu (CSE)A.Aditya Ravi kiran       (ECE)M.Varunteja (EEE)
2011C.R.N.Sarma (H&S)N.Srinivas (IT)Bharath Silagani (CSE)Sai Kiran Jadhav (ECE)K.C.B. subramanyam (EEE)R. Surya Prabhakar (EEE)
2010C.R.N.Sarma (H&S)N.Srinivas (IT)Karthik S (CSE)R.Manikanth (ECE)J.Sandeep (CSE)M.V.S.P Tej (CSE)
2009P.S.Subramanyam (EEE)C.R.N.Sarma (H&S)Srujan Mummadi (CSE)Chaitanya Kumar Setti  (IT)K.Preethi (IT)G.Sharan (ECE)
2008P.S.Subramanyam (EEE)C.R.N.Sarma (H&S)Murali Krishna (ECE)Sai Chaitanya (CSE)C.Divya (CSE)Kaushik (ECE)
2007P.S.Subramanyam (EEE)Nookla Srinivas (ECE)Vamshi Krishna (ECE)Sriram Sharma(ECE)Shweta Haridas (ECE)Srihari (CSE)

Annual Membership:

Retention Rate


The graph speaks about the growing number of student members in the student branch. The student branch has showed a sustainable growth in its members since its birth. The student branch in 2011 has more than 200 student members.

Chapter Initiatives

YearChapterChairmanVice- ChairmanSecretaryTreasurer
2018-19IEEE Women in EngineeringSharon SucharithaR.Sai HansikaK.SahithiM.Vivek sai Rohith
2018-19IEEE Computer SocietyK.Shanmukha SrinivasKunal DubeyAmit KiniE.Malli karjun
2018-19IEEE Power & Energy SocietyM.KarthikShradha ShettyJyothi AgarwalA.Aditya srikanth
2018-19IEEE Communications societyT.MounikaB.K.Uday KanthN.V.H.SoundaryaM.Karthik
2017-18IEEE Women in EngineeringP.JayasriG.Sai TejaswiniER.AkshathaS.Shradha
2017-18IEEE Computer SocietyM.Madhuri NishaG.SuchethaP.Rashmitha varmaV.Saikiran
2017-18IEEE Power & Energy SocietyV.BhargaviT.BhanukiranS.Vishnu vardhanM.Karthik
2017-18IEEE Communications societyP.ShravyaT.MounikaN.ManasaShrijith Menon
2016-17IEEE Women in EngineeringY.Sai Prathibha (CSE)K.Samhitha (CSE)P.VaishnaviK.Utkarsh
2016-17IEEE Computer SocietyI.Jithin ReddyN.MadhuriM.SudeepthiSai kumar
2016-17IEEE Power & Energy SocietyD.Avinash goudT.PranavK.Dharani kumarN.Sai Tejaswini
2016-17IEEE Communications societyK.HarshithaS.WasimP.ShravyaK.Poorna Chander
2015-16IEEE Women in EngineeringG.Chaitanya(CSE)Madhuri Sarita(ECE)M.Swathi(CSE)Y.Sai Prathibha (CSE)
2015-16IEEE Computer SocietyN.AnushkaI.Jithin ReddyB.SahithiSai Charan
2015-16IEEE Power & Energy SocietyChandrakanth ReddyVarunsai tejA.SowmyaG.Govardhan
2015-16IEEE Communications societyW.SruthiNissita SheebaD.AbhishekD.Shubham
2014-15IEEE WIE Affinity GroupV. Lavanya(CSE)Tejasree Reddy(EEE)Krishna Veena(CSE)G.Chaitanya(CSE)
2014-15IEEE Computer SocietyDurga Bhavani(CSE)V.Ashish(CSE)Akshitha G(IT)Baba Sai(CSE)
2014-15IEEE Power and Energy SocietyAjay Bharath Reddy(EEE)Damodar(EEE)P. Sravani(EEE)Vikram(EEE)
2014-15IEEE Communications SocietyCharishma Reddy (ECE)Jhon Benedict(ECE)N. Rama Krishna(ECE)Srikhar Phanikumar(ECE)
2013-14IEEE WIE Affinity GroupS. Yamini(ECE)N.RamadeviS. Madhuri(ECE)K.AnuPriya(CSE)
2013-14IEEE Computer SocietyV. Karithik(CSE)J. Ravikiran(CSE)G. Sharath(CSE)D.Rajath(CSE)
2013-14IEEE Power and Energy SocietyK. Manohar(EEE)S. Aravind Babu(EEE)U. Brahmendra(EEE)Y. S. N. Varma(EEE)
2013-14IEEE Communications SocietyK. Dheeraj (ECE)S. Vivek(ECE)J. Vamshi Krishna(ECE)N. Rama Krishna(ECE)
2012-13IEEE Computer SocietySri Rangarajan( CSE)Karishma Rao(IT)Abhinava Saxena(CSE)B.Poojitha
2012-13IEEE Communications SocietyPrateek AbhyankarMohan SameerLokeshLokesh
2012-13IEEE Women in EngineeringFaraha Naaz (IT)Shubhangee Ojha (EEE)Yamini Sekhar(ECE)Neelam Bhattacharya
2012-13IEEE Power and Energy SocietyVishalAkashNavinGyanandra
2011-12IEEE Women in EngineeringK.Prathyusha (ECE)Devineni Pallavi (CSE)S.Devi Priyanka (CSE)Sikta Suchismitha (EEE)
2011-12IEEE Computer SocietyM. N. V. L. KashyapBhaskar Avinash
Shesha Sai. KD.Sharadha
2011-12IEEE Power and Energy SocietyM.Anwesh KumarVidyaRizwan AhmedYamini Sekhar(ECE)
2011-12IEEE Communications SocietyN.V.Sri BharagavaSampath KumarAditya Ravi KiranRohith T(CSE)

List of events under the Student Branch(2015 – 2016)

S.NoName of the EventDate
1A Talk on ENTREPRENUERSHIP11th August, 2015.
2STAR (Student-Teacher and Research Engineer/Scientist) programme12th August, 2015
3Industrial Visit to RTTC, BSNL, Gachibowli12th August, 2015
4Ideate13th August, 2015.
5Student Training Program (STP)14th August, 2015
6Newsletter Release15th August, 2015
7Eloquence 1516th October, 2015
8Avishkar 2k16, Intra round25th and 26th January, 2016
9John Bardeen Memorial lecture30th January, 2016
10Technoasis29th January, 2016.
11Self Defence17th February, 2016.
12Comsoc Colloquium11th and 12th March, 2016
13Membership Drive12th and 13th February, 2016
14International women’s Day8th March, 2016
15A Talk on IEEE Computer Society and its Benefits05 March, 2016
16Avishkar 2k16, inter round10th March, 2016

List of events under the Student Branch(2014 – 2015)

S.NoEvent NameEvent Date
1IEEE – VBIT SB, for the third consecutive year celebrated John Bardeen Birth Aniversary paying rich tributes to the true genius, for his untiring efforts and undeviating passion in the field of his chosen interest, the perseverance and productive approach shown by this great role model to one and all .23-05-2014
2IEEE-VBIT SB announced new Executive Committee for the academic year 2014-1514-07-2014
3WIE group of IEEE-VBIT SB has conducted Student -Teacher and Research Engineer (STAR) program in the campus in which government High school students of Jameelapet village were participated. Project models on Physics & Chemistry subjects prepared by B.Tech students were explained to the students.7/8/2014
4Power & Energy Society (PES) of IEEE-VBIT SB has organised TEENOVISION’14 in which 20 teams participated and the participants were given scrap materials to prepare a prototype which reflects their idea in the betterment of mankind.The main goal of this event is to bring innovative ideas of students.8/8/2014
5IEEE-VBIT SB has hosted STAR INNOVATOR program which is a two day workshop on 4 tracks namely Robotics, Aurdino, Solar & Android in which 69 students from various colleges of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana have participated. In continuation of this workshop, all the participants will be under going online internship for one month and again will participate in zonal level contest hosting by VBIT22 & 23-08-2014
618 Student representatives from IEEE- VBIT SB participated in Section Student Congress (SSC) on 23rd and 24th August 2014 at Mekaster Auditorium, IETE Building, Osmania University, Hyderabad.23-08-2014
7IEEE- VBIT SB WIE Affinity group has organised a guest lecture on “Introduction to Open Source” by Ms.Priyanka Nag, Dev Evangelist, Scrollback in which 80 students have participated.23-09-2014
8IEEE-VBIT SB has conducted final round of Star Innovator in which 10 teams have participated from different engineering colleges.10/10/2014
9STUTALK team members has organised Student Training Program for 1st B.Tech to support students to foster a successful transition for their career and to get equipped with prerequisites pertaining to their academic & extra curricular activities.20-10-2014
10IEEE-WIE Affinity group of VBIT has organised ELOQUENCE event in which 48 students have participated in group discussion and Jam sessions.29-10-2014
11IEEE- VBIT SB COMSOC has organised Circuit Designing Competition for EEE & ECE students in which 85 students have participated.30-10-2014
12IEEE-VBIT SB PES has organised EKAYANA i.e analysation of audio visuals of academic subjects for ECE & EEE students31-10-2014
13IEEE- VBIT SB CS has conducted CODEX event which was a two round session in which participants from CSE & IT Departments were asked to solve questions from basic programming languages1/11/2014
14Stutalk team of VBIT has organised an technical event named SAADHYA in which group discussions and Jam sessions were conducted for I B.Tech. students.10/1/2015
15IEEE-VBIT SB has organised AVISHKAR-2K15 Intra collegiate round for I.B.Tech. students in which 165 teams have participated on various specializations of Science & Engineering24-01-2015
16vAVISHKAR-2K15 Intra collegiate final ound was organised by IEEE-VBIT SB in which 15 teams were short listed from 165 teams. Dr.N.V.Rao, Former Scientist, DRDO, Hyd was the chief guest.26-01-2015
17IEEE-VBITSB celebrated John Bardeen Memorial to commemorate the Americal Physicist who was also an Electrical Engineer and won nobel prize in Physics. On this occasion guest lecture was organized on “Super Semiconductorsand their Applications” by Dr. N. R. Munirathnam, Director of Centre for Materials for Electronics Technology [C-MET], Hyderabad.30-01-2015
18COMSOC Society of IEEE-VBIT SB has organized a guest lecture on Facts and Fundamentals of Technology (FFT) in which a session on IPV6 and Network technology was delivered by Mr.John Bennedict of IV ECE.4/2/2015
19WIE group of IEEE-VBIT SB has conducted Student -Teacher and Research Engineer (STAR) program for Zilla Parishad government High school students of Peerzadiguda village. Students were explained about Big bang, swine flu and inspirational women.5/2/2015
20IEEE-VBIT SB has organized AVISHKAR 2k15 Inter round competitions in which 34 teams from various engineering colleges of Hyderabad have participated.4/3/2015
21WIE Affinity group of IEEE-VBIT SB has celebrated International Women’s Day in the college campus by organizing a series of lectures. Ms.Sandhya V.Kode, Director, Center for Education Technology and Learning Sciences, IIIT, Hyderabad was the chief guest for this occasion.7/3/2015
22Computer Society of IEEE-VBIT SB has organized “Computing Colloquium” on 09th & 10th March 2015 in which 110 students from various engineering colleges have participated9/3/2015
23Communications Society (COMSOC) of IEEE-VBIT SB in association with IEEE-COMSOC Hyderabad section has organized “Communications Colloquium 15” in which 128 students from various colleges of Hyderabad have participated.14-03-2015
24Power & Electronics Society (PES) of IEEE- VBIT SB has organized Power Colloquium on 17th & 18th March 2015 in which 139 participants were participated from various institutions.17-03-2015
25Student Activity Center (SAC) of VBIT has concluded its Activity Year by organizing a lecture on “Transparency & Technology in Administration” by Mr.P.Narahari, IAS Officer, Madyapradesh . 200 volunteers of various student forums have participated.2/4/2015
26AAKAR-2015, an exhibition and competition of projects designed and developed by students of VBIT was inaugurated by Sri.Sathya Thopalli, HR, Tech Mahindra.16-04-2015
27IEEE-VBIT SB has celebrated John Bardeen Birth Anniversary paying rich tributes for his significant contribution in the field of science. His Inventions were discussed in the form of presentation.23-05-2015

List of events under the Student Branch(2009 – 2014)

S.NoEvent NameEvent Date
1AvishkarIntra college paper presentation for first year students29th & 30th December 2008
2Avishkar Inter college paper presentation for first year students26th January 2009
3IEEE State level activities-XYLYX5th, 6th &7th March 2009
4Ethical Hacking-A Guest lecture by Ankit Fadia9th February 2010
5IEEE MIP Membership Initiative Program16th February 2010
6AVISHKAR 2K10 - Intra13th-14th March 2010
7AVISHKAR 2K10 - Inter21st March 2010
8IEEE State level activities-XYLYX26th-27th March 2010
9Weekly activities-G.D./Soft skills6th-7th August 2010
10IEEE-Weekly Activities-Quiz13th August 2010
11IEEE-Weekly Activities- GRE test20th August 2010
12IEEE MIP Membership Initiative Program4th September 2010
13web designing workshop8th-9th October 2010
14Microsoft technical Quiz22nd December 2010
15IEEE and WIE awareness program-I5th January 2011
16IEEE and WIE awareness program-II5th January 2011
17weekly activities12th January 2011
18Avishkar 2k1125th-26th January 2011
19WIE program11th February 2011
20Adobe Flex Workshop18th February 2011
21Science-Exhibits28th February 2011
22International Women's day celebrations-WIE8th-10th March 2011
23Alumni interactions13th July 2011
24Inauguration of IEEE computer society16th July 2011
25STAR Program-WIE20th July 2011
26Inauguration of PES Student Chapter6th August 2011
27STAR Program-WIE27th August  2011
28workshop on Word press24th-25th August 2011
29WIE star program17th November 2011
30Comsoc activity24th November 2011
31Weekly activities4th November 2011
32CS awareness program18th-19th January 2012
33Avishkar 2k1225th-26th January 2012
34Inauguration of Communication Society3rd February 2012
35Nano Technology -State level Seminar18th February 2012
36Samvikshan'12 IEEE State level activities2nd &3rd March 2012
37Transit of Venus6th June 2012
38IEEE Re-initiation program12th July 2012
39Workshop Interfacing Microcontrollers and Autonomous Robotics20th July 2012
40Workshop on Robotics4th August 2012
41Weekly activities13th August 2012
42Technical Group Discussion under PES-IEEE VBIT SB16th August 2012
43National Programming League25th August 2012
44Workshop on Octave14th-15th September 2012
45Teenovision'12 An event on Engineers Day15th September 2012
46Technical Talk on HTML 522nd September 2012
47STAR Program- Session 122nd September 2012
48workshop on HDL for Chip design21st,22nd&24th September 2012
49CODEX30th Sept,4th&6th October 2012
50Drupal Training Program27th&28th December 2012
51M.I.P. at ASTRA10th January 2013
52AVISHKAR 2K13, Intra round24th &26th January 2013
53STAR program Session II11th February 2013
54Power Colloquium @ VBIT A series of Guest Lectures by PES1st&2nd February 2013
55AVISHKAR 2K13, Inter round25th February 2013
56IEEE - VBIT SB, for the second consecutive year, celebrated John Bardeen Birth Aniversary28th May, 2013
57IEEE-VBIT  Computer  Society  Chapter  organized an expert talk on “How to Publish a Paper".1st  August, 2013
58IEEE-VBIT SB in collaboration with EEE Department conducted a work shop on SCILAB software considering its importance in Engineering2nd August, 2013
59IEEE- VBIT interact and gain immense knowledge of the
exuberant technological world around.
03rd & 04th Aug, 2013
60IEEE – Warangal – not only to promote richness in Management Skills,
Communication Skills but also to motivate girls in the
fields of Engineering and other areas of discipline of the IEEE.
16th and 17th Aug, 2013
61IEEE-VBIT SB under Power And Energy Society  had taken up a innovative competition on the eve of  NATIONAL ENGINEERS DAY .14th Sep, 2013
63Communication Society, IEEE-VBIT SB Conducted a guest lecture
on 'Digital Signal Processing and its applications' by Dr.P.Laxmi Narayana, Professor,Osmania University.
19th Dec, 2013
64Computer Society, IEEE-VBIT SB Conducted a guest lecture on "Insight into relational databases" by Mr.Santhosh, Senior Project leader, IVY Comptech, Hyd for CSE and IT students.26th Dec, 2013
65WIE group (IEEE-VBIT-SB) conducted the training session on Basic of Computers, Power points and MS-Excel at Center for Social Service, Hayathnagar  as a part of STAR program.20th Jan, 2014
66Dept. of ECE in association with IEEE-SB & IETE-SB has organised workshop on Embedded C Programming on ARM 7 Boards for students of ECE department.23rd,and  25th Jan, 2014
67IEEE-SB VBIT has organized AVISHKAR-2k14 exclusive paper presentation competitions for I B.Tech. students.1st round was conducted on 25-01-2014 in which 131 teams participated.2nd round was conducted on 26-01-2014 where 12 teams were short listed and prizes were given for top 5 teams.25th, 26th Jan, 2014
68IEEE-COMSOC VBIT SB has organized Communications Colloquium in association with Department of ECE and IEEE COMSOC/Signal Processing Society Joint Chapter-Hyderabad section.1st Feb, 2014
69IEEE CS-WIE organized a workshop on Android apps development1st March,2014
70IEEE-VBIT SB Conducted Inter collegiate round of Avishkar 2K143rd March,2014
71IEEE-PES Organized Power colloquium6th & 7th March,2014
72IEEE -WIE organized a series of Lectures on the occasion of International Womens’s Day8th March,2014
73IEEE HYD Young Professionals Conducted Student Transition and Elevation Partnership (STEP) event in the campus. 15th March, 2014

List of events under the Student Branch(2009 – 2016)


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